• 28.9%  share of e-commerce in consolidated sales

  • 73%  weight of digital media

How can digital solutions reinvent beauty experiences? How can L’Oréal meet the full range of beauty expectations and desires in an increasingly omnichannel world? Asmita Dubey, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, shares her insight.

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Our goal is to responsibly design the best consumer engagement with beauty. To meet all our consumers’ expectations and desires, we are continuously reinventing beauty experiences in a “phygital” world, powered by online and offline data, moving from digitalisation to virtualisation, and from digital transformation to data transformation.
  • 60,000  people trained in digital media through a five-year digital upskilling programme

  • 10,000  over 10,000 livestreaming sessions provided by L’Oréal brands worldwide in 2021