• 5,000  interactive QR codes activated on products or in points of sale

  • 1,500  IT projects delivered, including 540 developed using the Agile method

How is L’Oréal transforming to become the champion of Beauty Tech? How is it drawing on the power of new technologies, data and artificial intelligence to invent the beauty of the future? Barbara Lavernos, Deputy CEO, in charge of Research, Innovation and Technology, shares her vision.

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Behind our ambition to become the leader in Beauty Tech, there is a deep conviction: it is the intersection of the powerful forces of science and technology that will allow us to invent the beauty of the future, as well as the company of the future.
  • 90  data scientists work at our three Tech Accelerators

  • 18  enterprise-level data domains defined to structure the Group's entire data repository

A major IT shift

Etienne Bertin, Chief Information Officer, L’Oréal

Today, IT plays a pivotal role in L’Oréal’s Beauty Tech transformation by using the best of technology and data to drive innovation, the digitalisation of our businesses, and the Group’s operational performance and security. Over the past three years, we have conducted a radical shift. This profound transformation has reached all of our services and teams worldwide with the same level of quality and exacting standards.

Beauty Tech for Good: startups committed to more sustainable and inclusive beauty

Beauty Tech for Good is an international competition that recognises the most innovative startups in ethical artificial intelligence, environmental protection and inclusivity. Preselected by a committee of experts out of 115 entries from 40 countries, the three winners were chosen by a jury made up of members of the L’Oréal Executive Committee. They will join a six-month L’Oréal incubation programme at Station F, the Paris campus home to the beauty startup accelerator. The winners—WhatRocks, Reforestum and DePoly—work in the sustainable, inclusive fields of solidarity advertising, certified carbon offsetting via reforestation, and plastic recycling.