This site has been eco-designed

The L’Oréal Annual Report website is part of a three-year sustainable web design plan. We’ve implemented the highest standards to curb the environmental footprint of the site while offering you an optimal browsing experience.

In its first year of implementation, the 2021 Annual Report was awarded a score of 68 out of 100 in the EcoScore1 test by Greenspector, a trusted third party tasked with calculating and recommending scope for optimisation.

Compared with the 2020 Annual Report, this website shows a +25% improvement in this indicator, with a -48% reduction in page weight for comparable content. 

Digital sobriety

We reviewed all functionality, texts, images, animations and videos to optimise the amount of energy used by the site. This allowed us to assess the relevance of different site components and improve them in areas such as format and length to reduce their environmental footprint. We’ve also added a dark mode for OLED screens and the option to read transcripts instead of watching videos to offer less energy-intensive alternatives.

Media compression

We’ve also optimised the use of energy-hungry multimedia content to adapt it to each user’s device. Videos no longer loop automatically. Instead, there’s a play button and an option to read the transcript by selecting “text version”. Image compression provides the best trade-off between quality and size for your device. Visuals will now load as needed when you browse the site, limiting consumption to your actual needs.

Optimising site development

The source code was subject to stringent controls to optimise page weight, reduce the number of queries (data exchange), clean out unnecessary code, improve caching and more. 

Environmental impact assessment

We’ve set ambitious targets in terms of improving our EcoScore year after year and reducing the site’s environmental footprint.

Take part in this initiative

We offer you two energy-efficient options to browse the site.

Dark mode

Activating this feature will slightly reduce the amount of energy used by OLED screens.  

Video transcripts

Each video gives you the option to either watch the video or read the “text version”, which uses less energy.

Did you know?

This site is fully accessible. Click here to find out more.

1 The EcoScore is calculated out of 100. It is based on not just the consumption of resources and energy by the user’s device, but also the “right” use of shared infrastructure on the network and server side. It calculates the consumption of each page using basic loading, reading and scrolling metrics. These measurements correlate closely with environmental impact.For L’Oréal’s 2021 Annual Report, metrics were based on the 10 mostly frequently viewed pages, using a like-for-like comparison with the 2020 Annual Report. The result represents the average EcoScore for these 10 pages.